(Non)resistance of the materials

The project «(un) resistance material», masquerading as abstract formalism, turns out to be a critical statement about violence in a totalitarian society. The series of cold marble sculptures is a materialized metaphor of a twisted, bent, curved body under the influence of brute force.
The idea for the sculpture series was born in 2019, when a wave of protests erupted in Moscow over the opposition's electoral inadmissibility. I found an article in which protesters described how they were beaten by police. I remember the phrase "they twisted me up like a piece of foam rubber." The foam rubber is an example of a soft but stubborn material that returns to its former shape after physical action has been taken on it. A person who compares his body to foam rubber is subconsciously confident that his body will not be broken despite any aggression against it. This was 2019. What would have to be the degree of violence for the body to stop resisting and freeze?
Gradually, year by year, the foam rubber, with its high resilience, stopped straightening and fossilized. Man has two basic reactions to stress - to run or to freeze, and the cold "frozen" sculptures have become a materialized metaphor for a twisted, bent, curved body. But I continue to believe that the frozen bodies (including mine) will soon regain their former soft power and straighten with confidence