Temporary landscape

Pandemic, cataclysms and economic crisis have made infographics an integral part of our visual everyday life. The day often begins with a statistic check - a kind of ritual of contemplating the dance of graphic lines, providing a daily dose of "terrible". The hypnotic changes in curves - peaks, troughs and plains - became the dominant visual landscape, almost displacing the natural landscape during lockdown.
A total installation made of iron rods turns the gallery space into a moving landscape that has lost its information content and has become a pure visual image (it was used the real graphics related to economic processes and the pandemic). Increased to gigantic proportions, they press physically, indicating what a huge place they temporarily occupy in our lives. The viewer, moving in space, observes the continuous movement of the pattern of metal lines, which reminds of the illusion of the objectivity of statistical data, depending on the angle of view.