Generator of art ideas                                                                                         


           This program generates artwork's ideas using the list of typical methods and techniques that usually used by artists in their "art-making" process. This list of methods is the basis of the program functioning. Generator chooses randomly the object and methods of working with him from databases. This reproduces the conveyor system of creating art and the mechanical exploitation of the same methods and techniques.

As the output the generator gives the "art-making" instruction. The program is based on the algorithm of the random choice and this combination of randomly selected objects and operations on them provides a set of meanings and interpretations. This is proof that today it is impossible to create absolutely non-interpretive artwork. Machine production of ideas is essentially no different from the production of such by the artist.

Until the appearance of the generator the artist was the author of the idea, and the machine was the instrument for the realization or translation. Now the machine and the artist are changing places, and the artist is just an assistant of the machine. All he needs to do is to choose a ready idea and follow the instructions to organize its realization.

The problem of overproducing of the art also raises here. All those ideas of artworks that theoretically could be generated by this program are senseless. So this generator produces ideas of art objects instantaneously and in unlimited quantities that makes useless intellectual efforts of artist that he spends on creating ideas.



generate the idea of art object