Instant Artlet Maker / ARTOMAT
Art generator machine
(by Elena Artemenko, Alexei Shulgin and Aristarkh Chernyshev)

Instant Artlet Maker (ARTOMAT) is a computer program for generating piece of art. Select an object, apply one of few popular techniques and place it in a selected environment. Your unique masterpiece is ready in few seconds!

Artlet – light art - is a trend in contemporary art. This type of art is not innovative in ideas behind it, but the results look attractive. Artlet is globally and easily recognizable and is made by using varieties of same formal methods. By combining them one can produce endless variations of seemingly new art. The main techniques to produce Artlet are recombination, mixing of the incompatible, placing objects in a paradoxical context.

Artlet uses a universally understood language of symbols so that you can get a practically comprehensive idea of an object through its photo- or video representation. This allows it to spread on the internet like measles from one blog to another.

Artlet`s role becomes more vital in the situation when more and more of gallery spaces are opening, but at the same time fewer and fewer innovative ideas are appearing in art. Under current conditions where institutions are suffering from a lack of new ideas, Artlet provides content to fill the space. Also, art academies across the world produce aspiring artists in great numbers, and Artlet gives them an opportunity to express themselves in the globalized art system.

Instant Artlet Maker automate such art production, uncovering hidden algorithms of modern art-making. We would like to offer a critical reassessment of this state of affairs and shift the focus away from currently dominant art forms towards the search for the real new.