There are many different discussions on the topic of xenophobia in Russia. These discussions represent a standard set of predictable positions and opinions. The result is a strange phenomenon: trying to make visible the issue, the panelists only aggravate it, making it visible in the context of discourse-established clichés. Moreover, in such discussions never take part immigrants whom talking about. It makes the situation even more absurd because all problems are discussed in the framework of subjective perceptions and stereotypes, which makes clear the gap between such discussions and the reality. This work is an attempt to give voice to the object of discussion (people from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kavkaz region, etc.), those against whom this xenophobia is directed. But in the situation when an object has a chance to say something, they suddenly find nothing to say - except the clichés which usually describe the problem.
The project used several transcripts of debates and round tables on xenophobia held in Moscow in 2011.