It is coming
Generative video-art
There is a standard set of techniques to make suspense in cinematograph. But what happens if this irrational fear becomes permanent and there is no denouement in film?
This project is a film that is real-time assembled by a computer program. The program randomly chooses replicas of the actors from the database and assembles them, so this film turns out to have no beginning or end: it is infinite in duration and self-developing like a living organism. Replicas that spoken by actors in this video are phrase from the classic horror films and describe "It" - the embodiment of imminent terror. "It" is coming, and this situation requires some instant action to prevent "It". But nothing happened - an infinite self-generating conversation between the actors does not go into action - actors just continue sitting around the table and talk. So the peak of nervous tension, not finding a way out, suddenly becomes absurd because of its permanency and the viewer's failure to understand the causes and consequences of "It".